Business Simulations

Immersive simulations and experiences engage new thinking to develop new behaviour

Our award-winning business simulation activities and games allow us to fully immerse participants in experiences that develop skills and behaviours. The game element creates an engaging and entertaining environment that unlocks participation and the innate desire to compete.

Delivered as part of your business conference programme, Yellowfoot experiences are specifically designed to encourage teams to work their way through challenging and changing environments, competing or collaborating with each other. Results at the end are then celebrated and commiserated together. Often though, it’s not what is achieved but how it is achieved that is most revealing and offers the most learning.

Team building activities make group learning easy
Our business simulations create the context, whilst our facilitators support the learning through clear feedback and debriefs. All exercises are customised to meet your business needs and tailored to your key messages and objectives.

The ‘evoked’ behaviours can be linked to mission statements, organisational values, team effectiveness, KPI measures, business acumen, leadership capabilities and interpersonal skills.

Exciting, immersive, business-relevant and fun at the same time
Experience the impact of well-designed, delivered and supported conference team building learning at your next meeting or conference event. Please see the list of programmes below:

How productive is your team?

Gold of the Desert Kings
Teams rush to compete against each other in this challenging race across the desert. Their goal? Battle the elements to get to the mountains to mine for as much gold as possible and return home alive. Teams are forced to be as productive as possible with limited time and resources. Participants will experience the benefits of teamwork, planning, setting goals and taking necessary risks.


  • What’s possible? Not what’s required!
  • Go into the challenge with a strategic mind
  • Plan, prepare, execute.

Breaking through barriers

Promises, Promises!
In the face of today’s business reality there is no room for a silo mentality, or for some to win at the expense of others. Promises! Promises! shows the importance of achieving both individual and corporate priorities, how to do so and the power of widespread effective communication.


  • Create an environment of trust!
  • Always start with the big picture in mind
  • Delivering individual and organisational goals.

Delivering Results and Living the Culture

Council of the Marble Star
How you achieve a result is as important as the result itself. This training module teaches personal integrity in professional environments, and the market value of both corporate and individual reputation without compromising productivity or measurable results.


Developing True Partnerships

Rattlesnake Canyon
A learning experience set in an authentic 1800s “Wild West” theme, Rattlesnake Canyon teaches foundational skills on developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, enhanced sales and negotiation skills and the value of authentic communication skills.  Opportunity is everywhere; can you navigate obstacles with your team to capitalise on it?


Learning from the Best and Driving Results

Redline Racing
The Redline Racing European Tour learning exercise is ideal for those who have a “need for speed”. Learning outcomes focus on teaching agile management and teamwork skills in a fast-paced competitive environment. When time is limited and the pressure is on, professionals must engage productivity with channel members to get the job done (without damaging relationships).


Executional Excellence

Expedition Outback
Step into the role of an Australian Overlander and acquire assets and wealth for the Royal Exposition. A high-pressure learning module that hones strategic planning and execution to develop a results-driven mindset that overcomes obstacles and barriers.   Identify priorities and navigate optimal routes to achieve team objectives.


Service Excellence

Movies & Moguls
Are you a Producer or Special Agent? This creative learning exercise tasks teams with the goal of creating a successful and profitable blockbuster movie. Participants will develop service, resource management and creative communication skills essential for business.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Coral Banks Construction Company
As a member of the Coral Banks Construction Company, participants are tasked with a difficult challenge; to build a large scale span bridge over an environmentally protected habitat. Participants will be challenged to break through concepts of self-limitation when faced with an almost impossible mission.

Capitalising on Opportunity

Windjammer Manufacturing
Entering into the competitive sailing world of Windjammer manufacturing, participants will vie for a competitive edge in an industry that is subjective to severe market demand fluctuations. Resource management skills are challenged, and the ability to see hidden opportunities and advantages (no matter which way the wind is blowing). Critical thinking and discovery skills are tested in this fun exercise.