Engaging Your Team

Our corporate team building activities are designed to meet specific business goals and can be tailored to your requirements

At Yellowfoot we specialise in indoor and outdoor team building programmes that encourage communication and team work between individuals set in a ‘game play’ context.

We ensure that each exercise ties directly into what people do during the working day, so that there is an immediate and lasting impact when they return to work. Oh, and did we mention, its fun too? It’s what we do!

Based in London and the South East, we can deliver programmes for entire companies or specific business units or teams, at meetings and conferences and at locations to suit you throughout the UK and abroad.

Find out how to enhance your team development with our corporate games detailed below.

  • Team Dynamics

    The make up of any team is unique. It’s time to step away from the day to day and celebrate what makes your team special. Energise, refocus and have some fun together.

    Team Effectiveness >
  • Gold of the Desert Kings

    In today’s reality we’ll never get everything done. Learn how to convert activity into productivity and therefore maximise your teams results by focusing on what matters most!

    Drive Productivity >
  • High Performing Teams

    For every team performance is important. Invest a day or half day bringing the characteristics of high performance to life within your team. Moving them from good to great!

    Harness Potential >
  • Promises Promises!

    We can only be good externally as we are internally. A truly united team of teams delivers a game changing service advantage. Start building trust and breaking down those internal silos.

    Build Trust >
  • Team Charter

    Explore ways of working for your team. Agree on them. Create ownership and it’s time to move from good to great.

    Drive Accountability >
  • Mission Possible

    Work through challenges in groups and identify individual and team strengths. Apply best practice in principle to harness the power of the team.

    Build Winning Teams >
  • Council of the Marble Star

    Negotiate and build lasting, productive relationships that drive results. Focus on long-term success and market value reputation. Synchronise culture with commerce.

    Forge Relationships >
  • Dog Chicken Dog

    Appreciate and value each person’s contribution. Experience the power of group synergy. Break down the ‘sound barriers’ and increase energy and engagement.

    Group Synergy >
  • High Ropes Course

    This unique outdoor experience really brings to life what trust entails. The series of challengesstretch the team’s comfort level to build a greater cohesion.

    Trust & Communication >
  • Rattlesnake Canyon

    Respond to actual customer needs, implement effective communication, maximise profit, create efficient processes and develop internal and external partnerships.

    Collaborate for best results >
  • Redline Racing

    Balance action with analysis to drive efficiently toward the greatest possible outcomes whilst capitalise on the experience of those who have succeeded before.

    Winning Peformance >
  • Coral Banks

    Focus on clearly defined goals to harness the power of team spirit. Collaborate, share resources, assign tasks and maintain standards. Communicate effectively, leading to greater productivity and job satisfaction.

    Achieve the Impossible >