Tailored For You - bespoke corporate team building events

Whether you would like to use the yellowfoot lodge facilities, or want us to engage with you at a location of your choice, we provide a fully customisable service.

The secret to our ability to really deliver what you want is that we are very flexible. All our events and exercises are designed to be modified to suit specific requirements. Your organisation’s goals, objectives and you and your team/individual’s needs are discussed fully, to ensure we hit the right target. We create an environment that fits you, the values, culture and capabilities you need.

How we do this

In essence, we jointly identify the best desired outcomes for the day. Taking you through our vast range of scenarios and exercises, we will establish the best ones to use during the time with us. We can also build in as much fun as you wish alongside the learning activities. If you are at The Lodge, you may wish to include some fun time on our outdoor climbing and aerial activities.

We will ensure your time with us is best spent in achieving your specific needs. We can also create materials with your logo, key messages etc on, to compliment the learning experiences and personalise it to your organisations requirements.


To find out more about our bespoke programmes please call +44 (0)1753 533 070 or drop us an email