Expedition Outback - benefitting from business opportunities

The Corporate Team Building Experience

EF EO -200Set in the outback of Australia, the annual Royal Exposition is about to begin. The Royals are looking for independent teams of Overlanders to bring to the Expo wealth of all kinds – in particular, Kangaroos.

In Expedition Outback, teams compete against each other to gain the most wealth for their team as they travel from Home Base to the Royal Exposition. To accomplish this, teams must visit ‘shady suggestion sites’ where they will find opportunities in the form of information cards. However, the Outback can be perilous and superior execution is critical to success. The objective of this experience is to maximise the team’s wealth by optimising the opportunities presented to them on their way to the Royal Exposition.

Linking To The Business

EF EO -229Execute brilliantly in a fast paced environment by harnessing information and your team. Recognise the importance of effectively managing information to maximise results. Create the mindset to adjust your plan based on new information.

Knowing what to do is important. Being able to do it consistently is even more so.

Executional Excellence is the focus of Expedition Outback
In Expedition Outback, participants take part in a high-energy, high-impact learning experience designed to help them identify, refine, analyse and implement the various business opportunities with which they are presented. Individuals discover the powerful relationship between information and brilliant execution and the impact each has on superior results.

Key Learning Points

  • Recognise the hidden wealth in missed opportunities – those you know of and those still undiscovered
  • Experience the power of brilliant execution
  • Understand how quality, quantity and relevance of information lead to better results
  • Experience dynamic planning – the ability to move seamlessly between strategy and execution
  • Effectively manage information and create systems to process it
  • Learn how good judgement plays a key role in the decision-making process
  • Realise the importance of leveraging information of extremely high value and how it can multiply the impact on outcomes
  • Recognise the impact of being a high-performing team


  • Improved judgement
  • Increased productivity
  • Better information management
  • Increased ability to execute effectively
  • Added focus on things with the greatest impact
  • Greater efficiency in evaluating and implementing new opportunities

Practical Details

3 hour session, including debrief
Teams of up to 4-6 participants
Fully themed event possibilities
Suitable for cross-functional or intact work teams
Ideal for use in both a training or conference session
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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