Scrapyard Orchestra - Conference programme game

A unique 30 minute conference programme
The impact of one individual is far greater when many others join in, each with their own unique talents to collaborate on a common outcome. ‘Dog Chicken Dog’ is a lighthearted illustration of the results achieved when many different talents collaborate together for a common purpose.

The Conference Programme Experience

Participants are first introduced to their rather “unique” instruments, and given instruction on how to play each one. Following instructions from “the band”, featuring an energetic video format, participants play their instruments in increasingly complex combinations until a brilliant finale is achieved, with everyone contributing to a pulsing beat of captivating music. Energetic and fun, Dog Chicken Dog will make musicians out of the most musically challenged and have even the quietest person dancing in their seat!

What The Experience Brings To Life

Dog Chicken Dog is a unique, 30 minute conference programme that has been presented to groups of up to 6000 people at one time. Using the language of music, the programme provides a strong and immediate message of the value of individual contribution and the need to work in harmony. Paired and partnered in various combinations, participants will actually hear the impact they have on something much bigger than themselves.

Its ease of execution and facilitator independence makes it suitable for delivery live or via satellite, creating an ideal choice for large companies with multiple locations.

Linking To The Business

The power of individuals aligned to a common purpose is both motivating and rewarding. Harnessing this energy in an organisation allows teams do deliver even better results. Individuals gain a sense of making a real difference.

Key Learning Points

  • Realise the incredible value of individual contribution
  • Understand the need to work in harmony
  • Discover personal accountability for the whole team
  • Learn to see things from a different angle and look for opportunities in unusual places


  • Greater individual contribution
  • Stronger, more cohesive team
  • Exponential results (whole is greater than sum of parts)
  • Improved team morale

Practical Details

30 minutes session including debrief
4 teams made up of 10 to 1000 plus people
Participants may be seated in auditorium or classroom style
Ideal for conferences
Fully themed event possibilities
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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