Redline Racing - improving employee performance

Rev your engines and prepare for the thrill of the open road! In this fast-paced international race, participants discover how to optimise success in an ever-changing environment. Designed for large groups, participants play the role of outstanding racing teams from all over the globe. As they navigate their way through challenging roads and prominent country villas, they will learn the importance of taking action based on appropriate goals and relevant information, all within a constantly changing context.

The Corporate Team Building Experience

Redline  Racing - business learning gameSet in the scenic European countryside, teams from around the globe have assembled to participate in the Redline Racing European Tour. Teams are each assigned a high performance car and are asked to register their actions on an electronic device that automatically tabulates and records their every move. Each route offers particular hazards and challenges participants to make high speed decisions in order to make the right choices to successfully command a lead in this exciting two-hour experience.


What The Experience Brings To Life

Business simulation - fast changing environmentPerformance is accelerated when we learn from others, focus passionately on winning and aggressively course correct when necessary. Redline Racing brings these truths to life and shows their immediate relevance back on the job.

Linking To The Business

Discern among many options in an ever changing environment. Identify the importance of balancing actions with information and analysis to make best decisions.

Key Learning Points

  • Learn from the Best – Quickly learn and benefit from the experience of those who have been successful
  • Drive to Win – Understand what’s possible and have a mindset to be the best
  • Don’t give up…Course Correct – As things change, look for opportunities to adjust your actions to deliver a more productive outcome


  • Improve employee performance through disciplined action
  • Obtain the greatest possible results, as quickly as possible
  • Greater alignment with overall corporate goals and direction
  • The ability to quickly learn and benefit from previous experience

Practical Details

Teams of 7 participants
2 hours per session including debrief
Fully themed event possibilities
Designed for large groups
Ideal for use at conference
For conferences in the UK and abroad

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