Gold of the Desert Kings - Maximise Team Productivity

In challenging economic times being able to maximise every opportunity is crucial. Gold of the Desert Kings team building shows you how!

The Corporate Team Building Experience

Gold of the Desert Kings Team GameTeams rush to compete against each other in this challenging race across the desert. Their goal? Battle the elements to get to the mountains to mine for as much gold as possible and return home alive. Teams are forced to be as productive as possible with limited time and resources. Participants will experience the benefits of teamwork, planning, setting goals and taking necessary risks. The winning team in this high-energy experience is the one with the most money, or the highest return on its initial investment.

What The Experience Brings To Life

Gold of the Desert Kings Business SimulationGold of the Desert Kings addresses the issue of compromise versus maximise and shows the difference between activity and productivity. Participants are placed in circumstances with limited time and resources and must rely on their team to achieve their goals. The pressures and anxiety experienced in Gold of the Desert Kings are similar to those experienced daily in a hectic work schedule. Participants contend with deadlines, a perceived lack of resources, others’ point of view and the pressure to just do something while trying to accomplish team objectives.

Linking To The Business

Our corporate team building experience allows you to maximise productivity to drive results by becoming clear on those activities that are most crucial for success. Players learn the value of up front planning and leveraging all resources and information.

Key Learning Points

  • Discover how productivity-driven behaviour begins with the end in mind.
  • Learn the value of obtaining, evaluating and applying information.
  • Determine the power of effective planning & generate the conviction to do it.
  • Understand how to work smarter, not harder.
  • Realise the impact of asking, ‘What’s Possible?’
  • Control the effect of environmental pressures.
  • Distinguish between results and activity.


  • Maximise team productivity
  • Create vision
  • Improve the decision-making process
  • Manage change
  • Plan for success
  • Achieve exceptional team results

Practical Details

Teams of up to 6-8 participants
3 hours per session including debrief
Fully themed event possibilities
Suitable for cross functional and intact teams at all levels
Ideal for use in both conference and training settings
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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