High Ropes Course

Outdoor team building activity: Enhance team development and boost team morale

At yellowfoot we are always looking for innovative team building ideas and to add a little adventure. So we created the thrill of the outdoor team building experience and challenge through our impressive high ropes course. The yellowfoot difference is that you won’t get covered in mud or have to trek miles to ‘enjoy’ it!

What our team building courses offer

high-ropes-course-activity-1The high ropes course offers groups the opportunity to work through challenging situations, where overcoming personal and limiting beliefs through the support and encouragement of fellow team members really can pull a team together.

Used to develop a teams ability to work together, help them navigate through change or for a fun team building break from the daily grind, the high ropes course has many possibly uses.

Our ropes course can easily keep a group of 60 people busy for an entire afternoon, we’ve also had groups of 300 here rotating around various challenges and courses in competitive events taking advantage of our grounds and facilities.

The Climbing Wall Challenge
high-ropes-course-activity-3Scale our angled wall, be challenged and reach your goal! Once at the top take a moment to enjoy the view, get your breath back and then realise how high you’ve climbed! Once you’re ready you will then be gently lowered to the ground. Climbing is a great adventure team building activity that encourages communication between all participants and develops self esteem. Everyone stays engaged looking after ropes and general safety. For a greater personal challenge the vertical wall offers a far more demanding climb.


High All Aboard Challenge
high-ropes-course-activity-5First of all find a volunteer, sound familiar? The challenge is to get 3 more people to scale the centre pole, then stand on a platform that is 50cm square, yes all together at the same time and did we mention that the pole is 40 feet high? Once at the top, the goal is to link arms and lean back then simply let go. You’ll then be gently lowered back to Earth. This obstacle encourages communication between all participants, trust, camaraderie and motivational input from the group. It’s also a really good challenge for team building, ensuring you work through the adventure like a new project, allocating various roles and responsibilities and including measures for success. Everyone engages throughout the exercise and everyone (that chooses to) will have the opportunity to climb.

Cowtail Course
This apparatus is challenging for all levels. Participants climb/scale the differing obstacles including a cargo net, wall traverse, tarzan rope swing, big beam and the wobbly bridge. At the end of the apparatus the participants are lowered to the ground. This obstacle encourages determination, self believe and the ability to see a task to its completion. It is also a great way to look at coaching and leadership styles through experiential training.

Balance platform
A huge table top balanced over a log, the challenge is to get everyone balanced then move keeping the table balanced. This is a really fun team building activity that shows how difficult it is to work together and how even when you say you’ll let someone else manage the task it’s still really easy to try and help, but here on the table it doesn’t! A great way to demonstrate how behaviour delivers the result not words!

Adventure courses giving you Something Different!

It’s easy to add in various activities to a high ropes challenge. If you’re planning a whole day to develop team performance and moral, we’ve many more activities that in a fun way engage the team – challenging them to deliver results together. If the focus in on purely fun then again we’ve got plenty to keep your team laughing out loud!

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