The Bridge - effective leadership and teamwork

Seemingly overwhelming objectives can be realised through effective collaboration and teamwork. Building the bridge in Coral Banks Construction Company demonstrates this and energises participants to repeat their success back on the job.

The Corporate Team Building Experience

CB-Session-Connecting Bridge 3Turtle Island is habitat to an expansive and beautiful coral reef which was discovered a mere ten years ago. Within this decade, tourists have flocked to Turtle Island to swim in the reef and observe the fascinating wildlife that inhabits the underwater world. The increasing popularity of the previously untouched island and its surrounding waters is creating an environmental concern. Zoologists and marine biologists are observing the rapid decay of the finely balanced ecosystem.

The concerned citizens of the islands have called in the long standing and highly reputable ‘Coral Banks Construction Company’ to assist them with maintaining the tourist industry while preserving the beauty of Turtle Island. The company’s main focus is to build environmentally friendly bridges that allow people to witness the beauty of nature without destroying it in the process. Coral Banks Construction Company has developed a plan for a large bridge to Turtle Island which will keep the reefs safe from pollution and the wildlife free from danger while allowing people to enjoy the coral reefs.

What The Experience Brings To Life

CB-Materials-Yellow HatCoral Banks Construction Company is an engaging team development experience that provides participants with a hands-on lesson in effective teamwork. Participants must operate together as a single organisation, as individual teams and in sub-groups, to complete the construction of an enormous model bridge.

Using a captivating theme involving an environmentally conscious construction company, participants will recognise the power of collaboration, understand the impact of both team process and spirit, and realise the importance of sharing resources and knowledge to accomplish goals and achieve great results.

Linking To The Business

Recognise the power of collaboration and teamwork to achieve great results. Understand the impact of both team process and spirit and realise the importance of sharing resources and knowledge to accomplish goals.

Key Learning Points

  • Achieve great things by working together
  • Optimise team talent
  • The power of excellent leadership
  • The importance of effective communication
  • The impact of appropriate resource utilisation
  • Learn how unanimous focus on a single task leads to success


  • Improve team effectiveness
  • Decrease frustration and rework
  • Create greater alignment between individual goals and the end result
  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve success to increase motivation and job satisfaction

Practical Details

Teams of 8-10 participants
1-2 hours per session including debrief
Fully themed event possibilities
Suitable for cross functional and intact teams at all levels
Ideal for use in both conference and training settings
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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