Windjammer - develop team leadership and maximise business opportunities

Success in today’s highly competitive market requires capitalisation on every viable opportunity and missing none! Our team building activity Windjammer shows how to utilise available time, resources and information to get all that’s possible.

The Corporate Team Building Experience

WJ-Facilitator-Scott Wyler on stageWindjammer is a fast-paced highly engaging corporate game where five teams compete to be the best at running their organisations.

Each team is aggressively managing a high-end company specialising in sailing equipment. They must acquire raw materials, and then manufacture products of their choice to meet fluctuating market demand.

Hit the high points when market demand is greatest and profits soar, providing you have the right materials, and the tactical skill to accelerate product production!

Missing the key opportunities, results in lower profits – or even significant losses!

Since raw materials needed by your company are, in part, only attainable from your competitors, building relationships, negotiating, and using your own team and resources to the fullest possible degree are all vital to success. All this takes place under the relentless pressure of time and defined market cycles.

What The Experience Brings To Life

Participants are taught how to apply the lessons of Windjammer back on the job, and challenged to improve personally so the organisation, department, or team of which they are a part can, “Catch the Wind of Opportunity”, and so achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Participants learn that success is dependent upon the “Five Navigational Buoys of Success”. Effectively applying each one allows teams to truly “Catch the Wind of Opportunity”.

Linking To The Business

Maximise business opportunities by focusing on activities that matter the most, extending your planning horizon, leveraging team resources, executing with tenacity and changing tactics quickly when required.

Key Learning Points

  • The ability to change tactics quickly allows you to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Priority-setting and relationship building are critical to take advantage of profit peaks
  • Extending your planning horizon allows for maximising opportunities
  • Understanding required roles and resources is crucial to success
  • When faced with obstacles, take the opportunity to stop, refocus and move forward

Practical Details

Teams of 3-5 participants
2-3 hours per session including debrief
Fully themed event possibilities
Suitable for cross functional and intact teams at all levels
Ideal for use in both conference and training settings
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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