Promises! Promises! - Enhance effective team communication

In the face of today’s business reality there is no room for a silo mentality, or for some to win at the expense of others. Our team building event Promises! Promises! shows the importance of achieving both individual and corporate priorities, how to do so and the power of widespread effective communication.

The Corporate Team Building Experience

P2-Session-Group Shot 1As newly elected politicians representing one of 10 countries, participants must fulfil the promises they made to their constituents, no matter how outrageous! Operating in an environment of scandal, intrigue, fun and politics, participants grapple with the needs of their constituents and neighbouring countries and wade through cultural barriers, lack of trust and poor communication to meet their goals. Alliances are created, abandoned and reformed but before the end of the five-year term, all countries have become a truly United League of Nations.


What The Experience Brings To Life

P2-Session-Participants interacting 2By forcing people to deal with the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams, Promises, Promises! powerfully demonstrates the strong relationship between quality communication and quality results. To meet their goals and become a United League of Nations, all teams must get the right resources to the right people according to their needs and deadlines. Participants walk away from Promises, Promises! understanding that everyone within an organisation is both a supplier and a customer.

Linking To The Business

Focus on the interdenpedence of teams to build a more collaborative organisation. Create an environment where needs are openly expressed and met as people deliver on accountabilities and operate in a way that is consistent with company values.

Key Learning Points

  • Experience the impact of a ‘we’ versus ‘me’ focus
  • Understand the importance of fostering a trusting environment through a global focus
  • Learn how to maximize productivity through a win/win approach
  • Discover how your role impacts company-wide goals
  • Identify how to deliver exceptional quality and service through effective communication


  • Build team unity
  • Increase trust
  • Boost internal customer service
  • Clear team communication
  • Greater productivity through efficient processes and decreased cycle times

Practical Details

Teams of 2-5 participants
3 hours per session including debrief
Fully themed event possibilities
Suitable for cross functional and intact teams at all levels
Ideal for use in both conference and training settings
For conferences in the UK and abroad


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