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Turning your weaknesses into strengths

We all have them; even that one person who seems to have it all has them. Areas of weakness in your arsenal of business or life skills are part of being human and being aware of where your weaknesses lie is important to success. As an example, if you know you are less than confident when using numbers, it is unlikely that you will try to get a job as an accountant. However, it is seldom so black and white.

When to start

In many roles and in all businesses there will be elements of your job which will require you to dig deep and battle your weaknesses into submission. Often a natural reticence when speaking in public can be simply overcome with practice and adopting skills others use, but if your lack of self confidence when presenting is crippling, it may take a little more training. In these circumstances, it is essential that you work at masking your fears in order to maintain the respect of your colleagues, sometimes delegating isn’t possible.


To some extent, turning weaknesses into strengths is all about personal belief. People who have a strong self belief naturally put a spin on the negatives, thinking that where others may call them disorganised, they may prefer to call it creative! Or arrogance can be construed as self-confidence. The flip side however, is essential to overcome before your career suffers. Don’t let yourself dwell on the negatives, see them instead as opportunities to grow.


The first step to changing your weaknesses into strengths is recognition and acceptance. It can be a difficult process to figure out what the root of your weakness is, but if you can discuss it with a trusted friend or colleague it can be easier to be objective and accept what you are told. Taking this knowledge it should be easy to plan a way out of it.

Where you have recognised a weakness, one great way to get around it is to completely overcompensate! Being prepared is always advisable, but knowing your stuff inside out and having practiced you should have growing confidence in your abilities. Of course this is not necessarily always possible.


If you really don’t have the skill required for a certain aspect of business, and you are in a position to do so, you can always hire in someone who can! Not only are you providing an opportunity for another person, but it will certainly benefit you in the long run. Expertise is a commodity that should not be underestimated.

If you are in a position where you have hired in talent, but you need to ensure that you are all pulling in the same direction, it is always a good idea to learn enough about the subject to know the difference between “can’t be done and won’t be done”. Time scales are an excellent example of this. Will a project come in on time? If not why not?

Help others

If you have a weakness that you have invented a solution to, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be many many people out there who also have this weakness and may not know how to solve it. Can your solution be transferable? Can you branch out into a whole new venture by marketing your solution to others? Do you have to confidence to take it a step further? If not, what are you going to do about it!?

Training opportunities

Essentially running through all these aspects is the undercurrent that, despite how you might feel, you are not alone in your weakness. There are many in the same position. There are many courses, seminars, tutorials and event based solutions to help you overcome these weaknesses and turn them into strengths. All you need is a pinch of Pixie Dust and belief in yourself; whether that is gained through hard work or natural ability, you are in the driving seat.

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